Chicagoland Conferences Umpires Association
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CCUA Board - Mission Statement
Let it be known to all that the sole objective of this association, The Chicqagoland Umpires ' Association, formerly known as Chicago Catholic Umpires’ Association (C.C.U.A.) in forming together as an association, is to promote better umpiring at the high school and collegiate level. As a group, we will work together to enhance the knowledge and professionalism of all members. This association will use all legal and ethical means at its disposal to accomplish this purpose.

The C.C.U.A. was started during 2003 in an effort to promote better umpiring for the Chicago Catholic League. As our membership has grown, an increasing number of our member-umpires are developing their skills and advancing to higher levels of baseball, including the intercollegiate level. It is our goal to make you, our member, a better umpire while assisting all members to reach whichever level is sought by the individual.

Development to advance to higher levels comes from hard work, sound mechanics, rules knowledge, and a solid mentoring program guided by experienced umpires who have already achieved those levels.

We are there for you....
Paul Rybarczyk - President

Wayne Williams - Vice President

Rob Hacker - Treasurer

Mike Maslowski - Secretary

Dan Marshall  -  Assignment Chairman

Rich Panovich - Director of Baseball Training and IHSA Rules Interpretor
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