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Jan. 14 Meeting Notes

Meeting came to order at 7:06 PM

Rob Hacker, President of the CCUA recognized the outgoing board members.

Rob then introduced your new board members:
  VP - Steve Shaw
  Treasurer - Kevin McMurray
  Secy - Mike Maslowski
  Assignor - Dan Marshall
  Ad Hoc Advisor - Rich Panovich
Some new faces were at the meeting, so we all took turns introducing ourselves and provided a brief bio of our experience in our sport.

Rob then went through some administrative announcements emphasizing the following:
  Advancement philosophy of CCUA and criteria
  Mentoring Program - briefly mentioning the
  number of CCUA members' with State Tourney

The IHSA Certified Clinicians who are members of the CCUA were introduced:
Al Albert
Rich Panovich (State Rules Interpreter)
Rob Hacker (CCUA President)

A lengthy discussion regarding the CCUA financial picture was discussed at length.  To maintain NFP status, we will need to incorporate to meet the criteria set forth by the IRS.  CCUA member Mike Outten offered to help with this task.  Details of this discussion will be provided at the next meeting.  Those details will also be posted on this site after the Feb 11 meeting.

Dues are $40 / year and entitle all paying members to attend the clinic as a benefit of membership with no additional charge.  All members should send this years' fee to Kevin McMurray, or bring it to the next meeting (or clinic).  Checks should be made payable to "CCUA".

Dan Marshall then presented to the membership that the varsity scheduling has been completed.
  He reminded evryone to update your Arbiter "blocks" (closed dates).
  Explained that all low-level games at Providence Catholic will be 2-man games.
Dan would like to know if you haven't been getting emails from him.  If not, please call and update or confirm your desired email address. 

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The new contact lists that Dan provides every year will be sent shortly.  They will also be posted in the "Members Only" section of this website.

Both of our assignors also reminded us that we should ALWAYS go to our game no matter the weather is in your immediate area.  Plan to travel to games unless you receive a call from the school, Dan or Steve ONLY!!!

If you cannot reach Dan or Steve, feel free to call the school directly.

Dan's final remark...  don't lie about double-booking.  Be upfront about it and both Dan and Steve will work with you.

We have now instituted the CCUA Honor Roll.  Check it out in the "More CCUA" section of this website.  If you think somebody may have been omitted, please email me:

Rich Panovich spoke about mentoring.

  Pairing newer officials with veteran officials
  Going to live games of the next level your are
  attempting to achieve (Jay suggested that).

  You must also WANT to be mentored.  It takes
  a lot of work and practice to convert your
  mentor's guidance into actual game

About Umpire Evaluations and Ratings...
  Less than 65% of game evals are submitted statewide.  This is a total count including schools/coaches and officials.  The avereage submitted by "Certified" umpires is much less:

Two important facts about "Certified" IHSA Officials rating others:
1.  Every "C" ump can rate any other umpire twice per season.
2.  Every "C" can create a "Top 15 List"
Take the time to get your partners' IHSA number and name after the game is over.  It's one of your responsibilities as a Certified Official.  Help our brothers out!!!

The Feb. 24, 2013 Official State Endorsed Umpires' Clinic was discussed...

The membership attending came up with some great ideas:
1) show more video of game situations
2) Teach our special umpire signals
3) Demonstrate proper field positioning
4) Practice conflict management roll-plays
EMail more ideas to
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