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Feb. 11 Meeting Notes
Meeting came to order at 7:04 PM

Rob Hacker, President of the CCUA asked the membership in attendance if they would be so kind as to provide more topics for discussions at regular meetings as well as future clinics

Rob then introduced Treasurer Kevin McMurray who discussed the need for the CCUA to secure liability insurance.  Kevin has received different policies we will ask our dues paying members to vote on at the March 11 meeting.

The types discussed were:
CCUA Board Only
Board/Member package

We also discussed the possibility of incorporating.

This is all being discussed to protect the CCUA and its members from any type of litigation.

Kevin brought the topic up for a membership vote at the next general CCUA meeting, which will convene on March 11, 2013.

Dues are $40 / year and entitle all paying members to attend the clinic as a benefit of membership with no additional charge.  All members should send this years' fee to Kevin McMurray, or bring it to the next meeting (or clinic).  Checks should be made payable to "CCUA".

Dan Marshall again presented to the membership that the varsity scheduling has been completed.
He reminded everyone to update their Arbiter "blocks" (closed dates).
He also explained that all low-level games at Providence Catholic will be 2-man games.
Dan would like to know if you haven't been getting emails from him.  If not, please call and update or confirm your desired email address. 

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The new contact lists that Dan provides every year will be sent shortly.  They will also be posted in the "Members Only" section of this website.

Rich Panovich preceded his presentation with some news about a recently retired official, Ron Cara. Ron is suffering from a heart ailment and recently underwent surgery to install stents.  He is still in serious condition, but is resting comfortably.  Your good thoughts and prayers are appreciated.

Rich then proceeded with his presentation:
"Obstruction and Interference"

The Power Point presentation is available for download in the "Members Only" page.  If you need the access name and password for this page, please drop Mike Maslowski a note.  He will respond to your request ASAP.

EMail more ideas and any comments to
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