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March 11, 2013 Meeting Notes
Meeting came to order at 7:08 PM

Steve Shaw, Vice-President of the CCUA updated the membership in attendance that Rob was very sick with a respiratory infection.  Mr. Hacker was in the hospital at the time of the meeting - which was the reason for his absence.

Steve then proceeded to introduce CCUA Treasurer Kevin McMurray who reiterated the need for the CCUA to secure liability insurance, at least for the CCUA Board Members.  Kevin has received different policies we will ask our dues paying members to vote on.

The types discussed were:
CCUA Board Only
Board/Member package

Kevin also presented the current financial report and recognized former Treasurer Ed Formanski for his invaluable help with the transition from the old board to the new.

Steve Shaw then introduced former CCUA President, Paul Ribarczyk who presented a lively dissertation on umpire-to-umpire signaling. Spirited discussion.  Copious participation from the members in attendance.
Paul then relinquished the floor to Andre Morgan.  Andre delivered a presentation on Batting Order Rules and how to handle batting out of order situations.

Rich Panovich reported on the meeting he and Dan Marshall met with the CCUA coaches.
They talked about pitching questions and new points of emphasis. They made a strong point with the coaches: "We will enforce."
Coaches will expect us to call it properly.

Rich also told the membership in attendance that the IHSA Test Questions # 30,37, 41 will be marked correct regardless of how they are answered.

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Dan Marshall again presented to the membership that the varsity scheduling has been completed.

He reminded everyone to update their Arbiter "blocks" (closed dates) and to check Arbiter regularly.

We then had a very lively discussion with respect to the insurance question.  The members in attendance then voted to allow the CCUA Board to pursue securing liability insurance.

Paul brought the motion to vote.
Russ LeTourneau seconded

All in favor: 31
All against: 2

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